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The Clicquot Brothers

The Clicquot Brothers is a Tap Dance crew keeping in the tradition of the African American tap masters such as The Nicholas brothers, The Berry Brothers, the Original Hoofers and The Copasetics.


​Each one of the tap band members currently functions as both national and international teaching artists providing workshops and lecture demonstrations worldwide. You can find the members playing solo gigs anywhere from The Cotton Club to The Blue Note. From the Village Vanguard to the New Victory Theater and the world-famous Box Theater of Varieties in lower Manhattan.


The group will embark on a European tour in the fall is this year. In a statement by the band’s leader, “Tap Dancing is music and this group is about music…Jazz, Classical, Hip-Hop and Reggae. We dance in all fields then, now and beyond.”


– Omar Edwards.


Clicquot Brothers

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