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...This is When my Travels Began

No, I may not a fashion blog expert, but it’s no secret being from Harlem, New York we have a distinct sense of style. :)

My name is Josh Johnson; Global Artist and Speaker, Tap Dancer, Street Performer; Penn State Alum.

An observation about traveling through Europe, insights on the life of this Tap Dance Artist, the fundamentals of Basketball street-wear to dapper young gentlemen, and the development of an entrepreneur personal brand. This sums up the thoughts of this following write up series.

For young people, especially Americans ages eighteen through early thirties, traveling through Europe is one of the most memorable experiences to have in their life; along with getting married and going to college. Many of our college students in University programs worldwide, use the “Study Abroad” opportunity to travel and take advantage of seeing the world. However, having very limited funding and with the vast amount of expenses that comes with tuition alone, I neglected to study abroad during my University years. Others choose to save their funds and wait to take their international travels during the summer season, backpacking from Hostel to Hotel, enjoying outdoor dining due to the beautiful weather. However, the summer season is extremely busy with millions of other tourist exploring the streets within every major city of Europe. Some of us are privileged enough to be insured through the Mommy, Daddy Scholarship Package. In this case responsibilities are few, and it’s irrelevant when and where one may travel, because Mommy and Daddy is going to swipe their credit card. HA! As for myself, none of the above are valid options! Being from Harlem, I have always loved our New York city energy that can not be found in any other city, but even from a young age I always wanted to travel the world. With an opportunity granted by the Hansa Variety Theatre, some colleagues and I performed over the past seven months for the German audience. After receiving the last standing ovation of the season and closing the show, this is when my travels began.

Hamburg Germany - Berlin - Barcelona Spain - Madrid - Montpellier, South of France....

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